Sunday, June 24, 2012

it's not where i want to be i just need a job

Never have anything to blog especially now still looking for someone with money and interest in releasing our   newest album which we have put two songs up on our BC
check it out if you already have not .... "in the midst of the struggle or lack of desired respect for ones self'" motion and perceived perpetual resistance to common ground the work =  the lament , passing of daily monotony through shuttered gasps of forlorn habitat " i've got a hole in me pocket" and a distaste for punctuation and mimicker "y" of high brow ... "functional parallel dimensional art' the kind that clears rooms and shuts down minds .... 'this is not a good time remember" but than once again you should be celebrating life and that's whats important a green light lampshade fogged out black the kind in your grandparents parlor\\ "a groove in the record or history or a scratch across the vinyl " 

Monday, June 4, 2012

this caliber of crust

here is to new beginnings welcome the new baby 

two new songs from our upcoming release\\